Fireworkers – Day 8

We really lucked into something when we made the schedule for the shoot: our heavy interior days were followed by an exterior day. There have been so many instances where I’ve said to gene that something has saved us, be it lucky weather, generous locals, a break in traffic flow, etc… But this inside/outside flow in the schedule is one of the biggest.

After yesterday’s marathon day, into a late night, and then chopping 3 hours off the top of our day today, we needed to be energized and on point to make our day today.

The day didn’t start perfectly. I woke up to some pretty heavy rain, wherein I tossed and turned nervous that the day was gonna be a bust. Fortunately, by the time we ate breakfast and got to the location the rain was fading. In fact, once we got into the forest the rain was almost unnoticeable.

We had to hike in with our gear to get to the locations Christina had scouted and written for. But damn, once we did, we were in for a treat. I keep thinking this place couldn’t get any more beautiful than our last location, but it does. It just keeps getting better. And we needed the morale boost today. Being outside surrounded by such beauty created a buzz in each of us.

Christina is making bold choices in the way shes chosen to cover some of the scenes. But as the scenes come together, and I’m getting to see how the pieces will fit, I’m getting very excited. Especially with how the exterior scenes will contrast the interior scenes.

Ultimately we made the day with time to spare. It was a productive day with some very high quality images captured. And we ended early enough to have a nice dinner at the pub and get to bed early. Which will be very useful as we move into the final days of shooting.

Below is a selection of shots from today’s locations:










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