Fireworkers – Day 7

Twenty. One. Hours. It was a day of epic proportion. The kind of day where breaks and meals are put aside. Because, even though no one is saying it, we all know that if we don’t make the day we’re gonna loose the movie.

Over the course of the shoot we knew we had three massive days scheduled. Today was the last of those days. Even though we’re on a pretty short schedule, its incredibly difficult to maintain the pace we’ve been working at. So, what was scheduled for time-wise a couple months ago during preproduction, will take much longer than originally intended. That’s not a fault of anyone. It’s a fact. But, to everyone’s credit, we overcame the obstacles to make the day.

The bulk of the pressure, on a day like this, falls on the director. It’s a tricky position for Christina because she has to be sure to get the coverage she needs from scene to scene and get in all the scenes for that day. She has to have a strong vision of how the film will cut together in order to know what is essential.

On a big day like this, there are two distinctly different philosophies/approaches: shoot the hardest scenes first and get them in the can or shoot the hardest stuff last busting through everything else first. I usually prefer to shoot the tough stuff first, but due to time of day scheduling, we had to shoot our largest scene last. It’s a long six person dinner scene wherein the characters make choices that define how the movie will proceed. One of the three most important scenes in the film, plot wise. And I think it’s safe to say, no one likes shooting a dinner scene. Certainly in our case, by comparison, given the beauty/freedom of other scenes in the film.

Thankfully, due to everyone’s hard work and selflessness, we got what we needed. But at a cost. Because we worked so late into the night we have to push back our call time for the next day. So, even though we’re out of the pressure of this day, tomorrow will be demanding as well, given that we’re gonna be chopping three hours off the top of the day to allow everyone to get some much needed sleep.

Tomorrow will define the rest of the shoot for us. We’ll either hit the ground running with the momentum of today’s victory or we’ll slowly grind to a halt as fatigue and pressure inevitably take their toll.

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