Fireworkers – Day 5

I had flashbacks all day back to a never ending day we spent holed up in a bathroom shooting a couple scenes for How We Got Away With It. We have an amazing location here in Nova Scotia. Our main spot is a fantastic old house along the bay. The textures in the house and the way time and use has affected it are adding so much to the production of the film. It’s a look and depth that an independent film doesn’t have the time or resources to recreate.

All that said, it was a prime example of why Hollywood builds sets with movable walls. And the fact that the people of Nova Scotia circa the turn of the century were damn short! It’s also the difficulty in scheduling where, from New York, you’re guessing on the time it takes to set up a space. Which, given the size of a c-stand relative to the size of the house, takes twice as long. So, we missed our day and we’ll need to be on point tomorrow to get back on track.

The good news is we’re capturing beautiful content. The performances are spot on and we’re seeing our hard work payoff on the monitors as we watch each other work. Another immense benefit to this approach of making the film is that the actors have done their work and they’re bringing it on every take. We don’t have time to wait on performances. And that only works with actors that are gonna put in the time before they get to set. You would hope that’s the rule and not the exception but unfortunately that’s not the case.

Monster day tomorrow with a number of shots that we will not have a second attempt at if the weather, and given our locations, the public do not cooperate. Coupled with an insane number of company moves, we have our work cut out for us.

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