Fireworkers – Day 4

At the heart of this project, after the initial idea for the script, the idea was to cast six actors who had each produced a film before. Today we learned the power of that choice. After what could have been a project ending series of events yesterday we hit the ground running today and brought in a bunch of beautiful footage.

One of the unbelievable benefits of shooting up here in Nova Scotia is the support of the community. We are a very small cast and crew and the support has been staggering. We shot in a functioning amusement park today with no interference whatsoever. Everyone left us alone as we plodded along. I can’t of another place that would have let me ride a roller coaster ten times straight with out getting off. And for the price of one ticket. My neck is killing me by the way. Hahah.

Gene jumped on the roller coaster for a couple rides, siting in front of me with a GoPro attached to the back of his head. Pretty funny getup, but it worked awesome. Amazing what that little camera can shoot.
Overall, a great day. Still not fully recovered, but we took a good step.

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