Fireworkers – Day 3

The day started like this:

And ended like this:

In between was the single most difficult day I have ever faced as a producer. I’ve never had so many pieces fall apart, and had so many backup plans not come through in a twelve hour period. And on top of all that, we basically lost our last day of prep, which was to be the only day of prep with the entire team in the same place.
By the time the business day was over, FedEx had been called for the umpteenth time and flights had been booked, we decided to sit and read through the script. Our first read-through as a whole cast. Boy was that a fantastic hour and a half; For each of us to fall into the story and let the days struggles fade away. I’m gonna spend my last waking moments doing some acting work. Something I know I’ll enjoy. I need it and I need it.
Tomorrow, our first day of shooting, will set the tone for the entire shoot and test us as a unit. Given the loss of the day and the intangibles that are yet to be solved, we are surely set to be playing catchup throughout the entire shoot. Scary to say, but how we respond tomorrow will make or break the entire shoot.

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