Fireworkers – Day 2

Started the day with an amazing drive from Saint Stephen to Saint John where we took a ferry about three hours over to Digby, Nova Scotia. The hour drive was truly stunning. The tree line here is very different from anywhere else I’ve ever been. It’s incredibly dense and solely populated by trees with needles. I’m used to trees with leaves scattered in the mix. Not here. Along the way there were pockets of wetlands and rivers that reached out to the bay. Picturesque to say the least.
Gene and I wanted to jump out and grab some footage, but the script doesn’t call for it and we were tight on time to get to the ferry. Plus, we could have spent all day just shooting b-roll there since it was so beautiful. But, as it was, we powered through and got to the ferry.

This was the first time I’ve ever been on a car ferry. And the first time I’ve ever been on a boat where we were far enough out to not see any land. Pretty wild. Added to the experience was a thick fog that swallowed the boat whole about a half hour into the trip.
Besides getting a ride over to NS Gene and I also had some work to do: we shot the first footage of the film today. There’s a few shots of my character traveling and we shot that on the ferry. Just as the fog surrounded us. Very pretty. And incredibly moody.

Once we landed in NS we got to our home base location and unloaded the gear. I stayed back at the house and did some acting work as Gene and Christina went to pick up Will, our DP, and Drew who’s playing Becca. It was nice getting back to the script after having spent so much time in the car over the last couple days where I couldn’t look at the script at all. I was able to answer some questions and do some ditch digging over the drive. The main priority now is to get these likes down solid. We’ll be moving incredibly fast through the shoot. I don’t want to be the guy holding us up. Or worse, feel like I’m not doing my best work. John, my character, is incredibly angry over the loss he has experienced. The pitfall is to simply play anger. But I’m trying to hook in to John’s inability to let go of the hope and joy of what could have been; thinking/daydreaming about it, only to snap out of it and realize that dream will never happen.


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  1. Diane Palmeri says:

    Love reading the daily posts…keep them coming (if you have the time).

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