I’m headed out of the city in about 10 days to do a movie called Fireworkers. The movie is being written/directed by Christina Lind and produced by The Neboya Collective. The goal of the project is to tell a beautiful story about love and friendship while pushing the boundaries of traditional filmmaking. Christina and her fellow producer at Neboya, Gene, set out to fill the cast of six with actors who each had experience producing films. As we’ve been working our way through preproduction over the last four months, and as we’re getting close to getting on location, I realized that this is shaping up to be a project that I want to document.


Our last production meeting before we’ll be on location..

I’ve been terribly neglectful of documenting my experiences over the last year. A lot has happened in that time; mainly an incredible amount of learning through doing.  All-the-while, How We Got Away With It has been playing festivals around the country and inching its way to a distribution agreement.

Fireworkers is an ensemble based film, about a disparate group of friends who are brought together through the last wishes of a dear friend. As part of Christina and Gene’s vision for the project, each of the six actors are taking on producing duties as well as acting. So, this will be the third film I’ve produced in two years. Pretty exciting stuff.


Writer/Director Christina Lind in the foreground. Actor/producers Heather Lind and Gene Gallerano behind.

I’ve realized over the last year that I’m a bit of a production junky. It’s certainly the most exciting part of the process for me. I’ve got a ton of work to do over the next ten days, before I get to the place I want to work from, acting wise, but my character, John, is shaping up in my imagination. I really need to do the hard work, the ditch digging, now so I know where I’m going once we’re on set.

More to come….

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