How We Got Away With It BTS

As we’ve been putting the final touches on the film and are very close to finishing, I’ve begun to assemble the Behind The Scenes (BTS) material for the DVD and web promotions surrounding our festival run and eventual distribution. We’ll be featuring deleted scenes, on set production photo and video, as well as an interview featurette with the cast and crew.

Mikal Evans Interview

I did a series of interviews over the last few months focusing on six set questions which I asked each of the interviewees. I shot the interviews on the 5D MkII, working alone, usually just me and a fellow cast or crew member. Given that we’re almost a year removed from our shoot, it was a great opportunity to sit and listen to my colleagues talk about their experience on the production.

Cassandra Freeman Interview

I’ve been cutting the interviews together in FCPX, which is perfect for this type of project. The difficulty has been deciding what to feature and what to cut from the piece. This has proved to be a classic situation where I have had to make a determined effort to remove myself from the interviewee and the subject matter. Being that I’m so close to both I haven’t wanted to cut anything. Hahaha. But as I sit and watch and listen, watch and listen, the story of the behind the scenes life of this film is becoming clearer. I’ve found that this has not been something I can rush; I can’t muscle it. I watch, make a few adjustments and watch again. In many ways the cut is arranging itself.

Jon Lindstrom within my FCPX storyline

This process has really given me a great deal of respect for documentary filmmakers. I can’t imagine the grind they must go through. The time needed to log and cut footage is remarkable. The documentary filmmakers have a different way of seeing things and a greater patience than us narrative guys.

The BTS extras on DVD’s are always something that I’m excited about. I love getting a peek inside the world of the film. And the BTS extras are usually very informative. They’ve certainly helped me along the way. I hope that our BTS package will do the same for others.

Jacob Knoll Interview

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