BRIDESBURG. Shooting Journal. Gear Pick-Up.

I spent the day running around picking up gear from vendors and friends who are calling in favors for us. Making How We Got Away With It on the budget we did was insane, but understandable. This one is straight masochistic. You can’t make a film like this without the help and support of friends. And there are many who have come through on this for me. I can only hope to return the favor in the future. And to deliver a great film that we can all enjoy and see how the hard work pays off.


Mano loading up part of our G&E kit.

The schedule has worked out really well. Tomorrow is our first day of shooting and it’s our lightest day. Always nice on the first day: set the tone and get the kinks out. It worked out the same way for HWGAWI. After that, we’ll have a load in day and then we will hit it hard for the next three days. We are covering an very high page count per day, and to make that happen, we will be rolling hard from start to finish.

Not much has changed since I first conceived this plan and wrote about it four months ago. We’re shooting RED and shooting single camera. But other than that, the plan is in tact. There’s been a lot of hard work between then and now: we rehearsed the play for a month while Victor rewrote it. Ran the play for a month. I went to Virginia and did another play for a couple months. I wrote the adaptation to the screen. And spent a lot of time visualizing this film.

So, needles to say, though it was a stressful day, it was a rewarding one. I had to remind myself that, like with HWGAWI, the pain and stress of making a movie is temporary, but the reward and memories are forever.


Organizing and staging some of the G&E kit.

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One Response to BRIDESBURG. Shooting Journal. Gear Pick-Up.

  1. Seth says:

    Go get em! Love yer package. not to big. not too small

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