BRIDESBURG. Rehearsal Journal. Performance 2.

Traditionally, for me, second shows are where everyone else in the cast feels “odd” about the show and I feel great about it. Not sure why that is. Maybe because I settle in to the second show or because I don’t get amped up for the first show.

Either way, the show met my expectations. I felt great and the rest of the cast felt it was a little wonky.

I’m very happy with the path that I have created for the show, from a purely physical point of view. It’s a show that requires naturalism and a natural set. In the million dollar production maybe we would have a full two story house with all of the set pieces a house has. But as it stands, we have a naturalistic show in a space that never lets you, the audience, forget that we’re in a theatre. Personally, I like that. And that has certainly become part of the Miscreant aesthetic. The down side is that on a traditional kitchen sink drama set, the actors would have a full gamut of set dressing to play with. Those things on the set, bookshelves, cupboards, light switches, provide destination for the actors which is very important in having a reason to move around the space. We are limited in what we have, so we have to be very creative about finding destination. Which is what I meant when I said I was happy with the physical path I have created.

Aside from that, My friend Justin Adams, who I worked with at Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival, came to the show tonight. He’s on the verge of starting to produce for himself and was keen to see what we have been up to.

After the show we went to his garden plot in the Houston/2nd avenue gardens and had a few beers and built a fire. Great night all around.

Big night, big moon.

Victor and friends around the fire pit.

Justin mans the flame

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