BRIDESBURG. Rehearsal Journal. Tech Day 3.

Today was touchup day. Final fixes on lights, costumes and a little painting to be done.

I thought our postcards would be in by this point but the holiday has really delayed shipment which is a bit frustrating.

Aside from the tech stuff we ran the show twice. The first run felt pretty good for me. It had all the excitement of a new space and the pending audience to come tomorrow. Overall it was a good stab at it. A great place to be considering that we had an evening run to come.

The second run was a bit of a disappointment. I felt like we were all lagging behind a bit. This was the run to drop the hammer and open this baby up. But, for whatever reason, we didn’t quite get there. I’m sure fatigue is playing a role for all of us. I can only hope that tomorrow’s adrenaline overcomes that.

What’s that old saying? A poor final dress run makes for a great first run with audience?

We shall see.

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