BRIDESBURG. Rehearsal Journal. Performance 1.

The poster in the front of the theatre

Tonight we started previews. It was a hectic day with a lot of producing duties once I got to the theatre. These are the times that having a small producing team get really tough. The hour leading up to house opening is always a cluster f*ck on first audience. Suddenly we have no toilet paper, no paper towel, the dressing rooms aren’t ready, did anyone get food props, who is gonna take the front of house person through the routine, etc…

Though part of me wants to go be an actor and get ready, part of me is happy to have the distraction. There’s no time to worry, only time to get things done. In a sense, that hour before opening house at performance 1 is like a twelve hour day producing and acting in a movie. Except there’s the added pressure of an audience.

We had a couple technical hiccups tonight, but nothing that can’t be smoothed out tomorrow.

It was a full house and a very exciting night. Parts of the play are really starting to take flight. This is turning out to be one of my favorite characters I have ever had the chance to perform. Also, since the last acting I did was a month on How We Got Away With It, I’m really enjoying exploring Matt’s arc in a single night as opposed to having everything chopped up over the non linear course of a film shoot.

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