BRIDESBURG. Rehearsal Journal. Tech Day 2.

Got up bright and early to head out to Anything But Costumes, a set and prop rental house that we use for our shows. ABC is about an hour outside the city into New Jersey. They have been a great resource for Miscreant going all the way back to our first show three years ago. Miscreant has always gotten notice for the quality of our sets and that is due, in large part, to ABC. Yes, we always have a clear vision of what we want the set to be, but ABC provides us with an affordable solution in creating a set beyond some black chairs and a folding card table. Any time I go to see a show and the production team has failed to realize a quality set for the production I’m saddened for them. ABC is easy to get to and they have so much stuff. Needless to say, it’s always one of my favorite days during tech to go out there and pick-up our pieces.

ABC is a 4 building complex in what was an old dairy farm. It’s a really fascinating place:

ABC Main Building



Multitude of choices

After we got back from NJ we loaded in our pieces and Jack and Miriam focused the light plot while I continued to paint the set and Victor readied the space for cast and our soon to be audience.

When the cast got in, we went cue to cue as Miriam built the look of the show, light wise, and then we ran the show with lights, sets and costume. Thursday is approaching quickly, but we’re in good shape. Overall, a great day of work.

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