BRIDESBURG. Rehearsal Journal. Tech Day 1.

The start to this week is promising to make for a very exhausting week for me. As I’m producing the show and not paying myself, I’m still working along the way. That’s par for the course for me; I’ve been unbelievably fortunate to have a bar tending job that allows me to move from project to project and come back in town and still have my job. Finding a way to negotiate something like that while building a career in the arts is very important. But sometimes that job can get really busy at inopportune times. Right now is one of those times.

I worked last night and the bar was slammed. New Years Day spirits were festive and fun. I got home and needed to finish work on the pictures from the shoot yesterday. Here they are:

I’m really pleased with how these shots have come together. Not sure if they will be what the publicist needs, but I think they’re exciting and tell a good story. Personally, it’s very gratifying to see how my self taught skills and techniques are coming together. I’ve still got a lot to learn, don’t get me wrong. But I could not have done this last year. Thats a pretty cool thing to realize.

Tech went well. We got the lights hung, prepped the space and did a bit of painting. A hard days work, before we had the cast in for spacing and a run. Good day all around.

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