BRIDESBURG. Rehearsal Journal Day Off 3.


Wow. What happened to 2011? It flew by. Once the play gets open I’ll do a little look back over my year. Right now, I’m in the heat of the battle, birthing this little beast known as BRIDESBURG.

At the end of rehearsal yesterday Victor told me our Publicist wanted some more shots of Mizuo because they were pitching a story on her and felt that some new exciting pics would help that happen.

So, Mizuo and I got together at my apartment to shoot some sots that I had conceived for that purpose. We shot the poster at my apartment and the location worked really well, so I thought we could return to it for this shoot. Plus its an environment that I have complete control over. Mizuo was game for our early afternoon activities, putting aside her NYE plans, staying in town so we could get the shots to the publicist first thing monday morning.

Here’s the raw photos from the shoot:

Love our look in this one

This was my first image in mind for these pics

A little posed, but there's something I really like about it

Focusing on Kay's isolation

Kay's sadness.

I’m very excited how these shots worked out. I had a blast lighting these shots, sculpting to tell a story. Time to upload them to Lightroom and start developing.

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