BRIDESBURG. Rehearsal Journal Day 17.

It’s New Years Eve, and our last run of the show in our rehearsal space. The way that the schedule has played out for us, we’ll have the last rehearsal run and then have a day off before we go into tech. I think this plan will work out well for the actors. Everyone can enjoy their evening and then not have an early call on the 1st, as well as have some time to rest before we go into a tech week that will take us straight through to opening.

Miscreant alum Matt Scanlon came in to watch the run today. He’s the first person who has seen the work we’ve been doing. We’ll slowly be opening ourselves up to more people coming in to see the show as we get closer to our preview performances.

Overall there are some moments of the show that are coming along really nicely. Shifts and beats are settling in allowing for great depth in the storytelling. That said, we need to get more aggressive. I felt we were in the back seat for a bunch of the show. Gotta get in and drive this thing.

The ladies brining it home; last scene of the play

This is the point in the process where I usually have a gut check to see where I’m at in my work. I usually either feel that I’ve done the work I wanted to do and am ready to take the next step, or I feel I’m behind and squandered an opportunity to really develop a character.

As of right now, I feel pretty good. With my producing partner out of town doing a show, I’m basically a one man band putting this thing together, so a lot of time has gone to producing instead of Matt. Butt, having been working on this play for eighteen months, I know the character really well on a subconscious level. I’m at the point where I’m letting go of the work and letting the work I’ve done live on its own. Matt is taking shape without me having to “work” at it. I wouldn’t be in this position without having worked on the play for so long. Thankfully.

Last round of notes in the rehearsal space

The feeling in the room today was nicely calm. The cast has been extraordinary at handling all of the pitfalls that happen when you’re producing independent theatre downtown on a tiny budget. Usually at this point in the process of a regional show someone is flipping out, nervous as hell as we go into tech. We’ve got a cast of pros who have kept their cool and focused on the work.

Our beloved rehearsal space

Lastly, and most importantly, I can not thank Kevin Morris and Seychelles/BC Shoes enough for donating the space for our show to rehearse. We could not have put the show up without his support and generosity. It’s not easy when you have a group of people come into your home/work for a month, but Kevin’s graciousness and willingness to let us play were both humbling and inspiring.

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