BRIDESBURG. Rehearsal Journal Day 16.

Keep forgetting to mention. You can buy tickets at Brown Paper Tickets.

We’re really working with a fine tooth comb at this point. Focusing on the moment to moment and finding great subtlety in between the lines on the page. It’s an interesting script in the sense that a lot is said, but sometimes nothing is really being said. But underneath that, there’s a torrent of emotion and things “not being said.”

This is often the point that everyone looks at each other and says “I wish we had another week of rehearsal.” But, unless you’re working on Spiderman, there isn’t another week of rehearsal. There is, however, tech and previews to continue to deepen the work. This is very important.  We actors have to continue doing our work as the focus turns to the designers and the time for them to do their work. The show has to breathe and continue its evolution.

I’ve thought a lot today about how far we’ve come over these 16 days of rehearsal. These 18 months of readings and rewriting. These five and a half years since this was Victor’s thesis at YSD. Much work has been done, but now is the time to drop the hammer and exceed our expectations.

The poster from Victor's thesis production

Jack and I went down to the space and spent about half an hour talking through where/how we see things playing out. It was exciting to be in the space, though this is gonna be a bear of a week. No better way to start the year than nose to the grindstone. I can only hope that this first week of 2012 sets the tone for the year: hard work, creativity, and good people around me.

Tomorrow is our last run in the rehearsal space. Thoughts for the day: Playfulness. Change with the changes. Surprise myself.

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