How We Got Away With It. B-Roll.

While I was home over Christmas, for a very quick 48 hours, Jon, our director, and Tony, our editor, asked me to shoot some B-Roll for HWGAWI.

5D shooting under the dock

We’re making a push to get a temp cut in for the late deadline for the Tribecca Film Festival. As Jon and Tony have continued to work on and refine the edit, they realized we didn’t shoot enough B-Roll and beauty shots for cut-aways and transitions. That’s not surprising though, considering how lean our shooting schedule was.

I knew going up that it was gonna be a tough job considering that there are no leaves on the trees and the restaurant is covered in christmas lights and decorations. ( I shot this short last year for their Christmas season.) Luckily though, they haven’t gotten any snow yet.

Jon put together a shot list for me and I covered what I could in the few hours I had. When I was shooting, it made me really happy that HWGAWI is a summer movie and we weren’t up there shooting during the winter because it was COLD! And of course I forgot gloves, so my hands were a bit slow to work.

It was my first real bit of shooting since picking up my 5D MkII. We’re gonna be cutting the B-Roll into the rest of the footage which was shot with the RED One. I knew I needed to keep the images as clean as possible since the 5D was gonna give us way less room in post. I needed to keep the ISO low and frame the shots well since there would not be much opportunity to reframe.

Establishing shot of the window in Henry's bedroom

I had a moment of reflection when I was up there shooting: It’s been just over a year since I had gotten my first camera, the Nikon D7000. Last year at this time I could not have shot the B-Roll. I didn’t have the technical ability. In the last year I’ve learned so much about filmmaking. It’s astonishing how steep my learning curve has been. Which would not have been possible without the blogs and filmmakers on the internet.  I’ve gotten an education because other people, whom I’ve never met, take the time to share their knowledge. For free. That’s a very humbling and beautiful thing.

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