BRIDESBURG. Rehearsal Journal Day 14.

On top of our run of the show today, we had our costume and lighting designers in to the rehearsal hall to see what we’ve been cooking up. It’s the first time that we’ve had anyone else in the room seeing the work besides us. And even though Miriam and Michelle are part of the team, it’s a new energy in the room. This will be the first of a handful of people that will be in over the week to see a run; we’re making baby steps to the point that we’ll have an audience in the space with us.

Michelle, our costume designer, watches. Jack takes notes.

The run went well.  A good step and a nice start to the week. Most importantly, we’ve avoided the pitfall of talking a step back.  It was important for us, after the break, to keep our energy going forward and we’ve done just that.

After the run we did some quick notes and jumped in to scene work. Mizuo and I had a breakthrough on the first scene of the play. It’s a tricky scene that we’ve been flying around but haven’t been able to land. We’re getting closer.

I’ve made a pretty significant change to what I’m playing at the top of show, in an effort to give myself further to go over the journey of the play, and it caused some pretty large reverberations throughout the scene. The change forced me to focus on the moment to moment because things that we’re playing before were no longer making sense, so I really needed to re-craft. But, unlike in the first weeks, where creating can take time, Mizuo and I were able to get changes happening on a rolling basis; we now have all the work and personalization behind us so we’re not starting from scratch.

Mitchell and Cat, suddenly on opposite sides of the world.

I left rehearsal today feeling energized and excited to do some more ditch digging. I need to get to work filling and personalizing the things I found today. This is the fun part.

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