BRIDESBURG. Rehearsal Journal Day 13.

I’m on a flight back from Rochester. Jack is on his way back from Houston. Victor and the rest of the cast are at our rehearsal space running lines. Instead of starting a day later, given that jack wouldn’t be back yet, we built in a day for the cast to get together and run lines with Victor. The hope being that it will be a good stepping stone into our last week in the rehearsal hall.

I won’t have the luxury of the day to run lines with my scene partners, which means I need to do double the work on my end.  As an artistic director of the company I always have an element of setting the tone in the room. I have to be on top of my shit, setting a high standard of work and effort. So, tomorrow, when we run the show top of day, I need to be on point.  No excuses. I don’t mind the pressure that that responsibility can bring. It’s not something that weighs me down. In fact, it’s a great asset to have when I go out of town and work regionally in a show where I’m not the AD. Having the responsibility here, in my own company, has taught me to work with that same sense of responsibly regardless of what the job is, how big it is, or where it is.

I’m excited to get back on the room tomorrow. This is when the process gets really fun. Scripts will be out of hands and we can really get the scenes cooking. The show is coming into focus and we’re starting to see where the gaps are in our characters journeys. The last week in the rehearsal hall rivals the first week in the sense that much learning is done. During the first week, it’s broad strokes. But in the last week, it’s the subtitles of creating a character that take shape.

Gotta bring it tomorrow.

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