BRIDESBURG. Christmas Break.

We’re off for about five days while everyone gets away to their families and has some time to relax. This is a great opportunity for all of our work over the first two weeks to settle into our subconscious.  It’s also the point in time where everyone can pound their lines into their muscle memory. Memorizing is a skill especially when you’re memorizing alone, as in away from rehearsal.  How you work while memorizing is key to being able think, as opposed to remember, while in a scene.

On a side note, I think I’ve found my footwear for the show.  Shoes are very important for me as an actor. It’s the first piece, literally, in building a character from the ground up. How a shoe makes me feel can have a huge impact on the character. It’s also nice to find something that is outside of what I normally wear, and therefore feel like, from day to day.

The work shoe, the life shoe, the play shoe

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