BRIDESBURG. Rehearsal Journal Day 9.

Bri and Julian at work.

I had the day off today.  We spent the day working all of Cat and Mitchell’s scenes, none of which I’m in. So Actor Jeff ran lines for a bit and then Producer Jeff did producer stuff like getting our online ticketing up and running.

This is usually a pretty easy task, but Ovation Tix, which is the ticketing agency for TheatreMania, which we have an account with and have used on all of our past shows, is doing some sort of internal network changeover which has rendered their website useless and made them terribly difficult to get in touch with over the phone. So, as a result, we’re trying Brown Paper Tickets for the first time. So far I’ve been very happy with the experience.

You can get tickets for BRIDESBURG here.

When I first tried to set up the account I didn’t quite understand what I was meant to do, and subsequently received an email very quickly from Brown Paper Tickets saying it looked like I had made some mistakes and need to do the following things. That email was also a bit confusing and I proceeded to do everything wrong again, but in a different way. At this point I asked Victor to take a look at it and he, knowing that he is not “tech savvy”, simply decided to call customer service. Our customer service agent took it from there and set the entire event up and got us running in a few short minutes. She was helpful, nice and very quick to do what needed to be done. Props to Brown Paper Tickets for this. Customer service is pretty much dead these days and it was refreshing to encounter a company that does it well.

Victor is delivering a new draft of the end of the play tomorrow and we’re starting a stumble through of the entire play, which will spread out over two days of rehearsals.  It looks like we’re gonna have our first run through on Wednesday.  Given how much rewriting and crafting of the script has been done, we’re working really fast. Which means that we’re airing on the side of “do” rather than “talk”. This is key.

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