BRIDESBURG. Rehearsal Journal Day 10.

Victor at work.

Victor delivered a new and refined end to the play today. As I mentioned earlier, this has been the point that we’ve focused on the most throughout this first part of the process. Jack has felt that we needed to find clarity in how the play ends to then find out what the play is; what is the story and whose story is it.

Victor has done a great job to craft a story at the end, resisting the urge to tie everything up and spell everything out. This takes a lot of courage and trust on his part; courage that the audience will come to their own conclusions without being spoon fed and trust that the actors will deliver what is in between the words, but is purposefully not written on the page.

SOOO much happens in this 75 minute bullet of a play that we have the great opportunity to let the characters live under the circumstances that Victor has created. By the end of the play, the audience knows as much as the characters do. Given that, it becomes very interesting to watch the characters interact with each other, trying to navigate all that has happened and all that has been said.

We stumbled through the first half of the play today.  I’m happy with the crafting I’m doing from the moment to moment. We’re doing a good job to utilize the realistic yet minimal set of the play. Every movement HAS to have a reason.  In a play like this, in such an intimate setting, every move has meaning; when there is movement without meaning it sticks out like a sore thumb. We actors have to know what we are doing every moment of the play, yet we need to remain playful and alive even though we know what our next move will be. In a proscenium you can hide unmotivated movement because the audience is not on top of you. We do not have that luxury.

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