BRIESBURG. Rehearsal Journal Day 6.

Just a quick dip into rehearsal for me today. Only covering a few pages of the script. With the exception of one big chunk, getting pretty close to being off book.  Memorizing, or rather how you memorize, is such an important thing. Good text analysis and disciplined homework will lead to a very fluid memorization of the text. I find that sitting down to “memorize” something takes twice as long as when I do my work on it. Also, actually “sitting down” down to memorize is a recipe for disaster.  Very rarely are we just sitting on the stage; we’re doing things, moving, crossing in, crossing out. Movement when memorizing is key. You can tell when I’m working on something because my apartment is usually super clean. I like to clean while I memorize.  It’s a great series of activities that forces a split concentration and forces the body to be moving while ingesting the text.

After rehearsal I took some shots of Susan and I for the postcard and poster of the show. I’ve attached the raw photos and the photos that I’ve done post on. Really trying to hone in on the rough, working class nature of these characters.

Janet, raw photo

Janet, worked photo

Matt, raw photo


Matt, worked photo

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