BRIDESBURG. Rehearsal Journal Day 5.

Today we got up on our feet.  This is one of my favorite days in the process.  As much as I value table work, especially good table work, I like to figure out things on my feet. After four days at the table I was propelled out of my seat as if I was sitting in a slingshot.

We moved out of our table area and into the larger adjoining room that we’ll be rehearsing in. I love this space.  It’s open and full of light. A joy to work in.

Jack(L) and Victor(R) at the helm...

Today I was able to start trying out ideas and images that have been rooting around in my head for the months I have been living with the play. These early days provide a HUGE learning curve. Mostly today I did a lot of throwing out. Threw out a bunch of early ideas that were painting me into a bit of a corner, a bit one note. I realized that the pain and sadness of the character, given his circumstances, are coming very easily and that I need to work to find the joy and lightness in the character/world of the character. Don’t get me wrong, there’s not a lot of it in there, but I think finding it will add texture and layers to the performance and depth of character. Matt, my character, is in a shit situation of his own doing and there’s really no way out. But still, as many people are dealing with similar circumstances to Matt (economic, family, love life) people still laugh. They still have variation through the moment to moment and day to day of life.  That’s what I’m looking to find.

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