BRIDESBURG. Rehearsal Journal Day 4.

Victor delivered a fresh new rewrite today. I can imagine the pressure he must feel he’s under to write on demand during this first half of rehearsal, before we “lock” the script. But I hope that we’ve got the support around him to help facilitate his crafting. Jack and Victor are working hard to figure out how to “land” the play. The ending is the piece of the puzzle that has been the trickiest, going all the way back to when we started working on the script. I feel good about the ideas coming out in the room, and especially about the shaping of story that Jack is doing through his ideas and attention to detail.

We spent the day reading the script and delving further into the relationships between us.  I keep coming back to that word “delving”. It’s becoming a theme for our work together. The more of it we can do, the more the play will fly.

Our publicity team is hard at work to get coverage and listings for the play.  Our first listing came out today at

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