BRIDESBURG. Rehearsal Journal Day 2.

Today we moved into our rehearsal home for the entire span of the rehearsal period. One of the biggest hurdles to producing independent theatre in New York is finding affordable/free rehearsal space.   Renting rehearsal spaces through the traditional rental studios will run you about $2,400 for a four week rehearsal process at four hours a day at six days a week.  That’s  a steep rate when you consider that we’re producing shows in which thats more than a quarter of the entire budget.

In our new home

On BRIDESBURG we’ve been very fortunate to have a friend donate rehearsal space for the entirety of the process. We’ll be rehearsing in the lush confines of a Fifth avenue shoe showroom that will be vacant through the rest of the year, which is exactly the time frame we needed for rehearsal.  In this picture, we’re continuing to delve into the script, throwing thoughts and ideas Victor’s way as he continues to shape and refine through his rewriting.

There’s another room in the space that is pretty much a one-to-one approximation of the space we’ll be performing in. That fact, coupled with the ability to go over time and not need to pack up and run out of the space because there’s another show coming in has given us a luxury we have yet to have through a Miscreant rehearsal process.

As I mentioned yesterday, casting is often a crap shoot, but I’m continually encouraged with the group we have assembled. The work around the table is focused and specific and the energy in the room is great. Those are two intangibles that are hard to gauge through a couple ten minute auditions and are often part of the luck of the draw.  I’m happy to say, we’ve drawn well.

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