We begin rehearsal tomorrow, December 9th, for BRIDESBUG.  BRIDESBURG is a play by Victor Kaufold that my theatre company, Miscreant Theatre, is presenting the world premier of January 5th through 29th, at the Gene Frankel Theatre in NYC.  Miscreant, now in its fourth year, was founded by myself and Jacob Knoll.  Jacob, you may remember, played Ronnie in How We Got Away With It.

BRIDESBURG is about a working class family residing in Bridesburg, Pennsylvania which is a neighborhood in North East Philly.  There are five characters in the play who are each struggling to find their way through a financially depraved time while still maintaining their identities and realizing their hopes and dreams.

You may be asking yourself, why am I doing a rehearsal journal for a play, when the blog is called “jeffbarryfilms”. The answer is that we are going to shoot a movie of the play after the play has a month long run in January. So, the timeline looks like this: rehearse the play in December, run the show in January, and then shoot a movie version of it at the end of February. Film wise, the fact that the actors will have a month of rehearsal and then a month performing the show with an audience before the movie is shot is unheard of.  The potential of this is very exciting for me. I believe this much time will lay a strong foundation for performances full of depth and many layers.

And let me be clear, we are not shooting a movie of the play. This will not be a filmed version of a performance. We will be shooting on location in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. That said, it will be an extraordinarily fast production. The goal is to shoot all of principle photography in 7 days with a couple days of b-roll. Yes, a 75-80 minute feature film shot in 7 days. The theory behind making this happen rests on two pillars of the film production: 1) the actors will have had over two months with the material and 2) we’ll be shooting two cameras, therein getting twice the setups in half the time. So, needless to say, we’re gonna move fast.

So, tomorrow we begin our journey that will take us from rehearsal rooms to live audiences to locations and finally to a theatre near you.

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