BRIDESBURG. Rehearsal Journal Day 1.

And so we being. The first day of rehearsal on a play is always full of excitement and anticipation. Those feelings are compounded when you’re also producing the play. We’ve been workshopping the play over a period of about 18 months while Victor has been doing rewrites, refining the story and developing the characters. Needless to say, I’ve been looking forward to this for a while.

So we begin.....

In this photo from left to right you have Susan Ferrara playing Janet, Brianne Moncrief playing Cat, and Julian Joseph playing Mitchell. You can also see director Jack Young in the mirror over Julian’s shoulder. We’re well into our first read, at this point. The cast rounds out with Mizuo Peck playing Kay and me playing Matt.

Many times the first day of rehearsal will start with a long series of introductions, handshaking, and designer presentations.  As an actor its a seemingly never ending amount of time before you actually get to sit down and get to work. But, at Miscreant many of the design elements will be generated by the entire company and discovered through the course of the rehearsal period. So, luckily for us actors, we got in the room and got right to it.

After a number of readings over a period of months as well as a couple weeks spent casting I couldn’t wait to jump in. The sprint up to rehearsals starting has been no different from when I was producing How We Got Away With It;  the lead up to production is full of stressful days with not enough hours in the day. But once the read through started, all that other stuff goes away and I can sit, listen and respond to my fellow actors. It’s 70 minutes of well earned bliss.

As this is a new play and we’ve got the good fortune to have the playwright in the room with us, we’re expecting to have some rewrites over the first couple weeks of our four week rehearsal period. We spent the rest of the day breaking down the play from scene to scene, getting into the nuts and bolts of how our characters travel through this story. It was an exceptionally exciting rehearsal because all of the actors were on their game asking good questions and making keen insights into the play.

Tomorrow we pick up where we left off. I expect by day three we’ll be up on our feet. That’s when the real fun begins.

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