Irene Short

As I was perusing some of the DSLR centric blogs that I follow I came across this short three and a half minute piece about Hurricane Irene from Josh Davidsburg in Annapolis, Maryland.  I’ve watched a lot of the news coverage on the effects and aftermath of Irene. I, like many NYCers, have been curious to see what we so closely missed.

I’m not a massive watcher of news, partly because I find it very generic and hard to decipher what is really happening and what is being blown out of proportion. I found Josh’s short to be wonderfully personable and moving; Unlike most of the news I see. Well done Josh.

Also, you can go to the blog post where Josh talks about his experience making the short.

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One Response to Irene Short

  1. Thanks for the kind words & re-posting my video. It was fun to shoot and put together. Being a former reporter, it was cool to be able to put something together that did not need to conform to the standard news format.

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