Thoughts from my Hurrication.

First off, I just can’t wrap my mind around the fact that our movie and all that hard work is in there:

There's a movie in there

Irene came at a perfect time for me. It shut everything around me down for two days and forced me to sit in my apt, relax, and do a whole lot of nothing. I was fortunate to be in a part of the east coast that didn’t receive any damage. Moreover, my area of Brooklyn was basically unscathed. So, the stress free weekend of reflection and Sons Of Anarchy was only possible because I was lucky not to be knee deep in a flooded apartment. I know others were not as fortunate as I.

I spent the two days getting my apartment together. I packed in a hurry for the shoot and the apartment needed a little love. After getting things in order I finished pulling stills from footage and organized those. I’m really happy with not only what I was able to pull, but more importantly, the footage as a whole. I’ll be getting stills up to the IMDB page this week.

Beyond that, I found myself sitting for hours on end. No music, no Internet, just sitting. I realize, in retrospect, that I needed the time to decompress.  When I got back to the city I hit the ground running, taking care of all the things that get pushed aside while you’re in production for three and a half weeks. These quiet days of Irene were a real gift to me.

Set to shoot out the front window

I did set up my camera and shoot a time lapse through my front window.  This was the first time that I have tried to shoot a time lapse and I found it to be very exciting. The D7000 caters to the time lapse photographer and within a few minutes of experimentation I was up and shooting. I set the camera to shoot 1 frame per minute, thinking I would let the camera go until it ran out of power, probably around 7 hours of shots. I’m happy with the time lapse, only thing is, nothing happened outside. Irene was never anything to take a picture of where I am.  Guess that’s not really something I can complain about, but be thankful for. But in terms of my time lapse, it wasn’t much but people walking by.

At some point as I was sitting and thinking I realized I didn’t spend much time on the actors while I was writing the blog. The posts documented the process but never introduced the people who will be telling the story on screen.  I’ve decided to do a series of moving portraits of the actors in the film. This is inspiration (read: rip off) came from a photographer I follow: Chase Jarvis. The transparency documenting his work is extremely humbling.  Truly inspiring.  Check out his blog.

So, I’ll be posting the portraits over the next few weeks. I haven’t given the actors much direction.  Just asked them to pick a piece of music for the 60 seconds.

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One Response to Thoughts from my Hurrication.

  1. Diane Guthrie says:

    Sounds good! Looking forward to it. And re rip-off: doesn’t everyone!

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