Travel Day.

Travel days at the end of a job roll out in two ways: you’re either thrilled to get the hell out of there or you’re sad to see the time come to an end.

I’m sad to see this one go.

I drove up to Rochester with Jon and our sound op, Mano, but I needed to stay up in Rochester a day longer to make sure everything was loaded out and returned to the state we got it in. Logistically it made the most sense to fly back. It’s an easy flight and I live pretty close to the airports on both sides of the trip. But without really thinking why, I decided to rent a car and drive back. It was my gut instinct and I didn’t question it.

Now, having gotten back to NYC, I’m so glad I made that choice. I’m realizing that I needed that six hour drive to transition out of production and back into my life. I’ve been working on this movie for six years while writing and it’s been my sole focus over this entire year; preliminary planning, fundraising, preproduction, production.

I guess I needed that six hour drive to get my head right. I’m gonna wake up tomorrow and not think about what I need to do for the movie. That will be an odd reality.

The movie now goes out to LA for our editor, Tony Randell, to work his magic. What that translates to on my end is about 3 months of nothing to do with the film. Going forward there will be much to do: refining the cut, sweetening sound, putting together a soundtrack, festival submissions, etc… But, basically, for the rest of the year my work on How We Got Away With It is done. It’s odd to even type that.

Fortunately I’ve got a few other things lined up: I’m starting fundraising in September for my next script and I’m directing a play at the end of the year.

Fundraising for The Secret Character Of Jones McCree will be much more extensive than it was for HWGAWI but I will be in a completely different place as a filmmaker having come off of this experience. More to come on that in the upcoming weeks…

For now I’m gonna watch dailies and daydream about where I was just a few days ago.

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3 Responses to Travel Day.

  1. Diane Guthrie says:

    Does that mean neither you or Jon will have input in the editing of the film?

    • Hey Diane

      Great question. Jon and I will be very involved in the editing process. However, the editor will be on his own assembling the first cut. Basically the theory is to have the editor, a fresh pair of eyes, go through the notes on footage and bring together what he thinks is best. Then Jon and I will look at the cut, making notes, starting the revision process.

      • Diane Guthrie says:

        That’s some great information. I know very little about the actual process of filmmaking, even though I love films. And it’s nice to know you and Jon will be involved.
        Thanks for the reply! It’s always nice to get questions answered. I seem to be the only one on here commenting. Where are you people?!
        I already linked to your blog and twitter page on my twitter page. Hope that’s ok? Take care and have a great day!

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