Shooting Journal. Day 14.

I’m happy to report that our IMDB page is up! You can see the whole cast. Crew will be rounded out in the next few weeks.

Also, pur Facebook fan page is up. We’ll be updating that over the course of post production and festivals and beyond. Please “like” our page!

We had a monster day today, covering a ton of pages. There was a great energy on set, which I think had to do with finally having some good weather and being outside all day. It was the perfect day to shed the overnights that we had been on for the last week.

Roweena, our line producer, was a classmate of mine at grad school.  She was there training as a dramaturge as I was doing my acting training. Dramaturges are generally very keen, smart people and Roweena is no exception to the rule. As a dramaturge she specializes in, and enjoys working on, new plays. I’ve worked with Roweena on a number of productions and I’ve always found her to be extraordinarily smart. So any time she has a question about the script I know its coming from a thoughtful place with the best intentions for the film in mind.

Roweena, and our 1st AD Jennifer, came to me with some questions about the end of the movie. I won’t go into too much detail because I don’t want to give anything away about the movie. I’m brining this up because Roweena asked a few questions which tapped right into an issue that I’ve been having with the ending. So, Jon and McCaleb and I talked, did a bit of brainstorming and decided to change the ending of the movie.

It’s interesting to me to think that we’ve been writing/working on the script for 6 years and we’re still making changes. And that we’re making changes this significant this late. That said, I’m really excited about the changes that we have made and I think they work especially well given what we have learned about the script along the way.

Generally a change like this goes one of two ways: either it builds upon what you have learned and it’s fantastic, or you’ve got your head too far into the project to see the changes your making and the affects they will have. One of the great elements of having two other writers on this film is that hopefully one of us is level headed enough to stay out of the excitement of the moment and see the bigger picture, which is something that we have been very good at.

Also, this happened yesterday:

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One Response to Shooting Journal. Day 14.

  1. Diane Guthrie says:

    Thanks for the links! And that moth eating thing made me gag! You guys are getting punchy! Take care!

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