Shooting Journal. Day 6.

Today we had our first of a week of overnight shoots.  With overnights going from 7pm to 7am, the first is usually the worst.  Your body isn’t yet used to working on that schedule so the first night ends up being a 22 hour day.  After that you pretty quickly fall in to the rhythm.  The sheer exhaustion allows you to sleep at any time.

On out first overnight, the crew sets up the beach where Walter is killed.

This was also the first night that we moved on from a scene that I was not 100% sure of what we had gotten.  I’m speaking specifically about a fight scene that is a major event/plot point in the film.  I’m stunt coordinating on this film and it happened to be that I’m also in the scenes where the stunts occur.  When I’m stunt coordinating for film I like to be at the monitor and in constant dialogue with the DP.  It’s important to see how the scene is being shot so I can choreograph the scene in a way that properly masks the violence.  In other words, working with the camera to create that movie “magic”.  But, as it rolled out for us, I was not able to be at the monitor since I was in the scene playing out the violence.

Michael, the DP, works to craft our motivated moonlight as Ronnie and Walter take their places.

Luckily for me I’ve got a great director and DP so I can just give the work over to them and let them watch the scene as it unfolds.  I have to rely on their eye of what is working and what isn’t.  And, especially for Jon, what will be cut into during editing. But for me, as we concluded that first overnight, it was the first scene that I didn’t really see any coverage of and I left the night not really knowing what we had.  It’s such an important scene that, as a producer, I hate that feeling of not knowing.  I can catch up in dailies, of course, but in the moment, it was that first instance of “we’ll see”.

Ronnie takes a moment alone, which Walter interrupts.

This last photo is a monitor shot from the killing beach. Ronnie, Jacob Knoll, has split off from the group to have a moment alone.  I’m really happy with how this scene came together, look-wise.  This was our toughest location to find and we found it in the last fleeting moments of our final scouting trip.  The different looks within our small radius of locations is really amazing.  And, given that 90% of our locations are private and owned by family members, this was the most exposed we will be during the entire shoot given that we were shooting on a piece of beach that we don’t own and we didn’t get a permit for. I was leaving that “oversight” to the “naiveté” of a first time filmmaker and crossing fingers.  Thankfully our crew worked fast through the darkness and we we’re able to stay on schedule minimizing our time on that beach.

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