Shooting Journal. Day 5.

Today was one of those days where everything outside of the camera went wrong.  We got off to a slow start, lunch was late, we we’re behind on setting up for tomorrow nights company move, a dead cat washed up on the beach….  My solace for the day was that everything that went into the camera looked great.  We got some really fantastic shots today.  As much pressure as I was feeling and as bad as it was moment to moment, anytime I watched a take on the monitor I was lost in a moment of joy.

The highlight of the day was my little cousin coming in for a day of work on the film. He’s 2.  His name is Brody.  He was fantastic today.

Brody enjoys some craft services

We didn’t feel that he would be able to take direction without getting shy so we let him run around with his mom and we just kept the camera rolling. The main point we needed to work towards was getting him to look at a blood stain on the beach and boy did he nail it.  We simply asked his mom to run by the “blood” so Brody would follow and run by it. And sure as shit, he ran by and looked right at the stain. Awesome.  What instincts! He was probably running by it thinking, why is there chocolate all over the ground here? Whatever the case, he did a great job.

More to come on that dead cat…

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