Shooting Journal. Day 4

What a difference a day makes.  We spent the majority of the day outside, on the beach.  What a change from yesterdays all day bathroom/bedroom marathon.  And starting with some light scenes this morning solidified my hunch that yesterdays early morning of heavy scenes affected my entire day. I got to some tougher stuff later in the day, but being down on the beach next to the water made it a much easier day to carry.

Jacob Knoll, Ronnie, arrives

Jacob Knoll, who’s playing Ronnie finally got in front of the camera today.  He’s been up for a couple days, having come up early with his car and picking up some expendables from NYC for us.  He’s also shuttling actors around. He’s being a real team player on this. Which is what it takes to make independent film.

I had a couple odd moments today as we were working through some scenes with McCaleb and I.  I learned something about the script today.  Learned about a very important moment.  It’s odd to have written a script thinking a moment is about one thing and then getting on set, in character, and realizing it’s actually something else.  It was a pretty strange experience.  That said I was very happy with what I found.  There’s probably a wealth of gold to be mined as if I was working on this script as a new play.

The group arrives.

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