Shooting Journal. Day 3.

Shooting out the master bedroom

Today was definitely one of the most challenging days I’ve ever had as an artist.  Not to say I’m some great “artist” or anything, but just to say it was one of the most challenging days I’ve every had with anything arts related; acting, directing, theatre, film, whatever….

We missed making our day by about half an hour.  Not terrible, but that half hour will cost us an hour to make up tomorrow.  Funny how that works.

We spent the morning crammed into a bathroom shooting most of my heavy scenes with Leigh (Mikal Evans).  We’ve shot my two big turning points, within my character arc, within the first three days of shooting.  Not ideal, but working out of script order has never bothered me.  Mikal was fantastic today.  It was her first day on set and she had to do some serious heavy lifting in her first day.  Again, not ideal, but she brought it.  She got on set and got right to work as G&E lit the scene after our blocking rehearsals.

Mikal Evans prepping for her first day on set

Not to harp on how great the crew is, but they are a smart and conscientious bunch.  They were especially aware of what I had on my plate acting wise and didn’t come to me with any producing issues until after I was wrapped for the day.  It can be overwhelming at times, to wear so many different hats on a production, but when the camera is rolling all of that has to go away or else that’s all that the camera sees.  Which is deadly. I hope, and believe, that I’ve done a good job to manage that thus far.

Luke Robertson prepping a scene after some notes from our Director

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