Shooting Journal. Day 2.

Today we had a great day. And given that it was a lost day due to weather delaying the arrival of a majority of the cast, it was a fantastic day.  Thank you to everyone for their flexibility.  We covered a ton of setups, knocked out some big moments and got some incredible images in the can.  Michael Belcher, our DP, really delivering on bringing his and Jon’s vision to life.

I started the day with a swim int he lake at 5:30 as I watched a fire-red sun rise above me. What a phenomenal site.  I realized that I hadn’t been in the lake in 14 years. I’m on camera first thing in the AM and I’ve got some heavy lifting for the first half of the day.

Wanted to share some of the fantastic work that Michael is doing:

This is how we started our day.  Love this.  Wish we could start like this everyday. The beauty of the set-up permeated the entire day.

This is a fine example of the great work Michael Belcher is doing.  Love the light here.

Love this screen shot.

Equally fantastic matching shot for McCaleb….

Love this crafting of light.

All this makes for a happy director.

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