Shooting Journal. Day off 1.

It was very difficult to name this post.  There was a tight race for best name.  The contenders were: “Shooting Journal.  Whats a day off 1.”  “Damn you Delta.” Come on weather, don’t you know we’re making a movie.”  In the end my need for symetry and maintaining my structure of the Shooting Journal won out, but it could have been any number of these.

I knew that today was gonna be a bear of a day, coming in.  We had a lot to accomplish, and there wasn’t much room for error.  Or rest.  I had to pick up some hard drives to get DT set up to dump footage on to our duplicates.  I had to find and pick up a mini van since we were in need of another vehicle.  I had to pick up and fill out Krafty.  I had to finalize our Expendables order and arrange pick up with one of the actors that was driving up from the city after an audition.  And I had to pick up three actors flying in from NYC. Hence the title “Whats a day off”.

Independent film making is about improvisation.  When you’re working with a low budget you have to be willing to go with the flow.  You can not fight against the random things that pop up when making an indie film.  Fighting the current of “what will be” is both time and energy consuming.  The best thing to do is assess, make a choice and follow it through until the nest unforeseen thing pops up.  This is especially important for the director, producers and 1st AD.  Their willingness to play and make the best of a day will permeate to the rest of the crew.  Unfortunately the inverse will as well. That brings me to one of my favorite sayings: HOLD ON TIGHTLY, LET GO LIGHTLY. When it’s working fight for it, if it’s not, let go and don’t look back.

The highlight of the day was to be picking up our Leigh, Anne and Elizabeth from the airport around 2pm.  What happened was an unbelievable number of delays and the girls sitting on the tarmac for five hours before being told the flight was canceled.  Ugghh.  We had a solid schedule for tomorrow, getting into some group stuff and dipping our toes further into the water.  So we sat down to dinner and Jon, our director, Roweena, our line producer, Jennifer, our first AD, and myself went to work on putting together a day with the actors that are here.  Not a terribly big problem, as long as we’re covering enough content it all comes out in the wash at the end, but we have a couple actor conflicts towards the end of the shoot and we’ll be running dangerously close to needing to break out an actor before we get in all the group scenes. We’re ok, but we need to be conscious of it.  We built the overall schedule so we had just McCaleb, Jon and I shooting the last few days. So we do have a buffer.  In any case, it was a bummer not to have the girls join us.  I’m looking forward to having our whole family together.

Now to some fun stuff.  I took some video on my iPhone yesterday of our first take of the film. After 6 years of writing and months of pre-production this was a really special moment for us.

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One Response to Shooting Journal. Day off 1.

  1. Jules says:

    That second paragraph sounds familliar. Add Company Manager to your list of titles 🙂 Keep hustlin, can’t wait to see more!!!!!

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