Travel day

I love travel days. No matter what the size or involvement with a job, traveling to go do a gig is always exciting to me. And today is particularly exciting: this is the first feature that I’ve written to be produced, and it’s the largest production of anything that I’ve written. I’m in the movie. And I’m also a producer on it.

The movie’s also being shot in my hometown, which I specifically wrote it for. So this is a great homecoming of sorts. Today is also the end of a major part of my production duties; I’ve been working to get all the gear together: camera, lighting, grip, expendables. It’s been a big job with a sharp learning curve. I’m lucky having a strong crew and a patient DP supporting me. We’ll be finishing up our gear pick-up in the next few hours. Very exciting.

I’m driving up with Jon, our director, which has been a nice quiet time to shoot the shit and talk about the movie. It’s a great opportunity to decompress and transition out of NYC and into playing Will.

Travel days are also full of wonder and possibility and this one typifies both of those things.


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