How We Got Away With It first read through

We had our cast read through last Wednesday.  Though we’re not fully cast, and one of our cast members had a show that night, it was still our cast read through.  Ha!  This is independent scheduling at its finest.  It was also the first opportunity, since some tweaking, for McCaleb, Jon and I to hear the movie.  We’ve made some changes from the last read we had on the spring as well as making a change to the very end.  Jon had an idea he was formulating and mentioned it to McCaleb who told Jon about an ending that I had written years ago.  Jon dropped me a line about the ending and I actually found it buried in an email from May 2006.  Wow!  I remember writing the scene and really liking it, but we trashed but pretty quickly.  Not sure why we did, but it was something I let go of really easily.  Well, here we are 5+ years later and a rewritten version of that ending is in the script.  I couldn’t be happier with it.

The read through went really well.  I’m absolutely beside myself with the cast that we have assembled.  In my opinion you don’t get casts of this strength on budgets of this size. This has been a great example of putting a vision/idea out into the world, committing to it, and having people rally around that vision.  It’s a very humbling experience.

From L to R: Cady McClain, Jon Lindstrom, McCaleb Burnett, Richard Bekins

So, in this pic, from left to right, we’ve got: the knee of Luke Robertson (Dallas),  Cady McClain (Angie), Jon Lindstorm (Becker, Director, co-writer), McCaleb Burnett (Henry, co-writer), Richard Bekins (Walter).  Then in the background we’ve got: Roweena Mackay (Production Supervisor), and Philip Heckman (Costume Designer).

What a fantastic group that’s coming together.  We leave to start shooting in 5 days. It took forever to get to this point, but boy has it come quickly.

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