Location Scout 2, How We Got Away With It

Last week Jon (our Director), Michael (DP), and I went up to Rochester to look at the locations. Jon and I had gone up in the beginning of spring for a very grey few days of initial scouting.  I was very excited to get back up there and see everything with the lush greens we will be shooting against.

The scout went great and we were able to get some fantastic work and planning done.  It’s been a trip to come back to these places that I grew up and look at them through the eyes of a producer.  Rochester is a beautiful highly textured area.  I wonder why more films aren’t shot up there.

We start shooting two weeks from today. There is a massive amount to be done between now and then, but its coming together in a really fantastic way.  The potential of this film continues to grow with each day.

Here’s a few shots from the scout:

The side of our main location.

One of the last scenes of the movie takes place here.

Beautifully textured

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