I love you Craigslist.

Building a workable gear kit, whether lighting or camera, is expensive.  But with great DIY sites out there, like CheesyCam and The Frugal Filmmaker, and scouring Craigslist you can put a pretty great kit together for yourself at a fraction of the cost.

I’d been looking at picking up a couple LED panels for a few weeks now.  Doing as much research as I could and looking for the best deal.  I have one 90watt LED and I’ve been very happy with it, so I have been considering springing for a couple 500watt LED panels.  Like any piece of equipment LED panels have pro’s and con’s: they’re lightweight, portable and they don’t throw any heat.  On the downside you have to gel them to color match and they’re difficult to sculpt with.  But, as an overall plus, the price point is really great on them.

So, just as I was about to pull the trigger and order a couple from Amazon, I saw an Arri Arrilite kit on Craigslist.  I sent an email to the seller and went to see the kit. It was in PERFECT condition.  It was very obvious the seller had taken care of his equipment.  I bought the kit on the spot.  The great thing is I got it for half the price of a new kit.  B&H sells it for $2,399.88 before tax.  I got it for half that.

I’ve always had great experiences using Craigslist and this was no different.  The seller also went out of his way to pick up a couple extra bulbs and drop them off to me.  He’s a testament to the indie community.

I’ll be pairing the Arrilites with some DIY solutions.  Mainly some work lights for background lighting. The Frugal Filmmaker has a great video showing his DIY light kit.  I feel like I’ll be able to create some great looks with the Arrilites and some basic work lights from Home Depot.

The cornerstone of my light Kit.

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