The generosity of others.

Actors get a bad wrap for being selfish, competitive, back stabbing assholes.  Sure, there is always a reason for a stereotype, but I’ve found that for the most part, this is not the case.

This fact has been especially driven home for me while I’ve been shooting the trailer for Jones McCree.  I’ve had an amazing amount of support while I’ve been shooting.  I’ve called in many favors and time and time again, people deliver.  And it goes beyond just acting in the piece.  I’ve had other actors, who I don’t know, open up there homes for locations on more then one occasion.  I’ve also had a bunch of fellow actors help me with crew on the shoot.  That really speaks to their generosity; they’re not even getting the payoff of being in the trailer.

More then anything, it’s a reminder of how strong the indie community is.  Without that kind of support there would be no indie films.  Period.

So, to everyone that’s opened their doors, hearts and talents to the production thus far, thank you.

(Reading over the post it seems to have some tone of finality to it, which is not the case.  We’re about halfway through shooting.  Just wanted to speak to the great experience that I’ve had bringing the piece to life.)

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