The solo shooter.

One of the toughest things about producing an indie film, or in my case a Proof Of Concept trailer, is getting people to help you.  It’s really tough to get a crew together working for nothing besides some food or a few beers at the end of the day.  On the other side of things it’s usually not a problem to get actors for nothing.  But, that said, they have something to take away from the project: footage for their reel.  A boom op doesn’t necessarily get the same artistic/career pay off.

While I’ve been shooting the Proof of Concept trailer for Jones McCree I’ve had to go out and get some shots on my own.  Since I wrote the script for myself, I’m always available. haha.  Shooting alone limits me to a stationary camera, but beyond that I’ve got a world of options and, especially, time.  If a static shot isn’t gonna work for the scene, I work within more usual confines and set it up with my DP.  But if I think I can do it alone, I’ll give it a shot. (That unintended pun was so bad I’m gonna leave it in.)

Here’s two examples from a couple set-ups I shot on my own.  I had the bonus of no dialogue in these scenes, but I’ve done scene’s with dialogue on my own as well.  I guess technically that would be a monologue, but you get the point.

First, a night in the McCree household:

Lit and shot this at my buddies place that I'm plant sitting at.

And second, a usual morning for Jones:

A buddy that had a pull-up bar let me come over and shoot for a bit.

Granted these are pretty simple set-ups.  I played with the lighting until I got something I was happy with and then hit record.  But that said, this is one of the things that I love most about shooting DSLR.  I was able to create the image with one or two lights and make a bunch of on-camera adjustments.  And the DSLR makes it so easy to go back and watch a take and make adjustments.  All of that would be so much more cumbersome to do on my DVX100, for example.

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