Sneaky, sneak…

One of the great things about the DSLR camera for cinema is that you can steal shots with it without bringing a lot of attention to yourself.  The high sensitivity to light and on-board camera controls allow you to manipulate the look of the shot without needing any lights or crew.  Not to mention the possibilities of manipulating the image in post.

We were shooting up at Columbia last week, using it to double for Yale, and we were able to get in, move fast and get the shots we needed without attracting attention to ourselves and the fact that we were shooting in an area that you need permits to shoot in.  Here’s a couple raw images from the shoot.  These stills are screen shots from watching the dailies.

We then moved over to Riverside Park for a quick combat scene.  I knew our action would draw attention at Columbia, so I found a location in Riverside park that I could match with the Columbia architecture.  That said, Riverside park is also an area you need a permit for, so we kept it economical, got what we needed and got out.

You can see the body of the homeless guy over my shoulder.  We were able to slip him into a Columbia shot to establish him.

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