It was a good week.

Still from The Ron/Jeremy Show

(This is a still from The Ron/Jeremy Show, episode 2 “Hoe’s before DMV.”  In this shot Jeremy, played by Jacob Knoll, is dancing to celebrate a recent accomplishment.  So, in light of celebrating my accomplishments this week, I thought this was an appropriate pic.)

I believe the best way to get better at something is by doing it.  That’s one of the biggest reasons I take issue with training programs, regardless of the discipline, where you graduate having never been in live, real time situations. (I won’t go on about that. It’s a story for another day.)

Luckily for all those involved in the arts, it’s a field where you never stop learning. Sure, you might be able to max out on technique, but you can never stop the constant self-evaluation, whether of work or simply as a person, that every artist must possess.

So, this week I: continued to edit The Burg, shot the second episode of The Ron/Jeremy Show, took an actors head-shots, and assisted another photographer, who’s far more accomplished then I, on a head-shot session.

As a result I’m in the lovely position of having a ton of post to do.

If I could be this productive every week, I’d be a stronger artist, with a greater skill set and a stronger eye, in a month.  Not to mention a year.

I guess that’s what resolutions are all about.

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