On Set of The Burg

Hard at work

We had a successful shoot on Monday.  Really happy with all aspects of the production. Especially the performance of the D7000.  Captured great images and the low-light performance was fantastic.  The accessibility of making real-time changes, on the fly, is great.  You can adjust the ISO, for example, while in live-view and see the change its making on the image.  As opposed to having to bounce out of live view, which many of the Canon models force you to do.

I was very fortunate during christmas to get some gear for the camera.  I got a nice large SD card and a fantastic proline tripod with a really nice head in it.  Both of which I used during the shoot.  But the best piece of gear I got was a Miele LCD viewfinder.  That piece of equipment makes an enormous difference in looking at the image and especially for pulling focus.

Which brings me to the next piece of gear on my list: a follow focus.  I was able to make a couple good focus pulls manually on the lens, but I can immediately sense the need for an actual follow focus.  I’ll be exploring a few DIY options before I go to the market to pick one up.  I’ve got a few DIY possibilities that could work well with the Gini shoulder rig when that comes in from Korea.

Back to shooting: There is no substitue for good planning.  When you’re shooting low budget, time is invaluable.  Not only for the production as a whole, but for the people involved in the shoot.  Having a good plan from shot to shot optimizes time and keeps the day moving at a quick pace.  I’m not a big fan of coverage for the sake of coverage.  I’d rather live and die by the choices I make during preproduction.  If I envision the scene in a two-shot, tat’s how I shoot it.  I don;t waste time getting an MCU and ECU.  That said, I’ve never had an instance where I didn’t have the coverage to cut a scene together. I guess if I ever find myself at that point I might feel differently.  But, I like being able to move fast.  And that requires good actors, who are properly cast, and a director who sees the movie in his head before he steps on set to shoot it.

We were successful in both regards on Monday.


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One Response to On Set of The Burg

  1. Steve says:

    What do you mean in your picture caption by ‘Hard at work’

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