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A minor rant….

I just can’t get over the fact that Christopher Nolan was snubbed by the Academy.  Inception was the most exciting and breathtaking film of the year.  And that is a result of Nolan.  He created it.  And in doing so, changed the … Continue reading

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It was a good week.

(This is a still from The Ron/Jeremy Show, episode 2 “Hoe’s before DMV.”  In this shot Jeremy, played by Jacob Knoll, is dancing to celebrate a recent accomplishment.  So, in light of celebrating my accomplishments this week, I thought this … Continue reading

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On Set of The Burg

We had a successful shoot on Monday.  Really happy with all aspects of the production. Especially the performance of the D7000.  Captured great images and the low-light performance was fantastic.  The accessibility of making real-time changes, on the fly, is great.  You can adjust … Continue reading

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The Burg begins….

Tomorrow morning is my first real test with the D7000.  I’ll be shooting a short film that I wrote called The Burg.  It’ll be my first interaction with the D7000 on location, working with actors and moving between tripod, shoulder … Continue reading

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