Good Book….

I just finished this book, DSLR Cinema by Kurt lancaster.  I was looking for a book that focused on shooting movies with a DSLR.  This book does just that.  However, as I mentioned in my last post, and as a D7000 user, I was a bit frustrated by the heavy Canon bias in the book.  It’s almost as if Canon paid to have this book written.  They should certainly sponsor it if they haven’t.

Anyway, at the core of the book is some pretty solid information coming from a bunch of guys who were at the forefront of the DSLR movie making movement.  And to the readers benefit, they didn’t have anyone to ask for help, they had to figure everything out as they went on. This first hand knowledge is really valuable.  They even go so far as to give you the settings used in shooting a number of shorts, which you can watch on vimeo.  That interactive feature is really a great way to see, in action, what they are taking about.

There’s also a nice section that goes into gear and kits focusing on different budget limitations.

I wonder if the book is a bit pricey at $40.  Probably a quarter of the book is very helpful.  He touched on a lot of issues that I have found expanded upon on different websites, especially by the ever informative Emm at cheesycam.

The writers experience coupled with the interviews make the book informative.  But if you wanted to get real indie, you could sit in a Barnes and Nobles for two hours, read the first half of the book, and save yourself $40.

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